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Premium Tonic Syrup

  • This is a refreshing, boldly flavored tonic made with superior ingredients including natural quinine, zesty citrus and pure cane sugar. We crafted the flavor profile to perfectly complement premium dry gins. As an uncarbonated concentrate, simply top this syrup with club soda for a superior tonic water. Next, go beyond the G & T by using the tonic syrup in novel cocktails.


at the foot of Guatemala's Volcán Tajumulco

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Leslie Chester
tonic syrup

Excellent, flavor is spot on! and delicious!

Carly Fellin

A little different than most tonics I’ve had, but in a good way. Some craft cola flavors in there. I finished the first 17oz bottle in a weekend, I drank that many gin and tonics, it was that good. Step up your cocktail game and get this syrup! I highly recommend getting a jigger with a 3/4oz line. I follow the directions on the bottle and use 6oz of club soda.

Emily Crowe
Feeling a little meh about it

I spent a lot of time reading reviews of tonic syrup because I just bought a soda stream and my go-to summer cocktail is a gin and tonic. This tonic syrup is less sweet than commercial tonic, which I expected, but it also lacks a brightness that I miss. There are high bright notes of citrus or citric acid missing from this syrup that I cannot duplicate no matter how much fresh lime I add.

Lena Perez
Glad we tried it!

We were looking to find a more natural solution to tonic while also reducing our single use bottle footprint. After some research we landed here and couldn’t be happier!!

Lisa Nardello

Tonic water is great for leg cramps!