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Toasted Coconut Syrup

  • A coconut syrup for all seasons and all spirits!

    We knew this needed to excel in summery tropical cocktails, but we also wanted a coconut syrup with expanded utility and a unique flavor profile.

    Our secret to achieving both? Our base of custom toasted coconut meat.

    The medium toast level lends a light nuttiness and a deeper flavor not found in plain coconut - which helps it pair spectacularly with barrel-aged spirits. The combination of toasted coconut, cane sugar, cold-pressed lemon oil and a pinch of salt makes this syrup's luscious flavor distinctly delicious.


- Harvesting coconuts requires precision -

On the Luzon Island of the Philippines, farmers use a long hooked stick to cut down bunches of ripe coconut while leaving the immature ones to continue growing. These Laguna Tall variety of coconut are certified organic and fair trade.

- Featured Ingredients -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Carrie McNeely
Great and versatile for a refreshing summer

Liber & CO’s Toasted Coconut Syrup is a delicious addition to our cocktail repertoire. We have tried multiple cocktails from their recipes-all were fantastic! I’ll be ordering more!

Michael Brown
Perfectly balanced syrups

I'm just getting started with Liber & Co syrups, but I'm super impressed with the flavors so far. I got the toasted coconut and the passion fruit. The "toasted" aspect of the toasted coconut syrup makes this a much more interesting choice for tropical drinks than the standard fair at the grocery store. The passion fruit is just the right balance of sour and sweet. I look forward to experimenting more with these and trying some others.

Stephen Taylor
Light and flavorful syrup for the best natural taste in cocktails.

I use Liber coconut syrup in most cases where a coconut cream is called for because it is less sweet and lighter than a cream and the coconut flavor still shines through. To solve the lumping, I microwave the entire bottle in a Pyrex cup until it just begins to boil to emulsify it (no more lumps). Then pour back into Liber bottle and refrigerate.
I make Blue Hawaiians, Coconauts, and Pina Coladas (sans lime) with it and they continuue to be my "I'll have more than one" coconut cocktails.

Melisa Welsh
Excellent alternative to cream of coconut

Used this syrup in Liber’s pina colada recipe. It was a great drink! I really like that I can have coconut drinks with fewer calories than cream of coconut. This will expand my tiki repertoire. Only 4 stars because despite a lot of shaking, I still can’t get it unseparated.

Bruce Lee Webb
Love all the syrups!

The toasted coconut is fantastic for a coco nutty gimlet! My Maitai game is greatly enhanced with the Orgeat syrup! Thank you!