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Limited Edition: Chai Spice Tea Syrup

  • This limited edition Chai Spice Tea Syrup is packed with balanced, complex chai spice character we know you'll fall in love with.

    For the base of this seasonal syrup, we selected Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka for its subtle honey and citrus notes that perfectly complement the rich and warming chai spice blend of allspice, ginger, and cardamom. The resulting syrup is incredibly versatile, and adds rich aromatic depth and complexity to a vast array of cocktails, teas, and coffee beverages of all kinds. We especially love it with aged rum, rye whiskey, gin, and in our morning latte.

Ceylon Black Tea

Perfect Chai Spice Blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Kellan W.
Liber & Co. is HIM

Yeah .. this stuff is the real deal

Tess T.
Love chai!

The chai syrup taste great , it’s a welcome addition to whiskey and bourbon, it’s like winter in a glass

Aaron L.
Great syrup!

I tried the syrup in a non alcohol chai old fashioned for dry January and it really came through on flavor. Even my wife who is on a big fan of chai really liked it. I hope it becomes a permanent flavor.

Delicious syrup, but can't taste it in the cocktails

My dad and I are obsessed with Liber Syrups. We each have at least 5-6 giant bottles of syrup in our fridges at any given time, and 95% of the cocktails we make come from the Liber website.

We were super excited to try the chai syrup, but kind of disappointed with the cocktails we made. The syrup itself is very tasty, and would probably be nice on yogurt or ice cream, but we tried three different cocktails from the website and couldn't really taste any chai. This is not what we expected, given that the other syrups are quite flavorful.

- Bella Chai: very bitter.
- Chai Tai: not bad tasting, but all I could taste was pineapple juice, even when I doubled the chai syrup.
- Chai Alexander: tasted like a regular brandy alexander. I actually tried making a second one where I reversed the quantities of chai syrup to creme de cacao (3:1 instead of 1:3), and I still couldn't really taste the chai.

Jessica C.
Unique and delicious

This goes well in a surprising number of drinks, it adds complexity and sweetness in one ingredient. I'm glad I tried it!