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Ambassador Program



Are you a content creator in the cocktail space who uses Liber & Co. syrups in your posts? First off, THANK YOU! Second, you should join our Liber & Co. ambassador program! 🥂 

We created this program because of the amazing work we see on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc., and believe that if the content you post leads to a sale, you should get a share of that sale.

Program Details

  1. By joining, you'll receive a custom discount code and URL link that you can share with your followers. You can use the code in the description section of each post where you use a Liber syrup, in your bio, on your website, etc.
  2. The purchaser who uses your code will get 10% off their order, and you will make a 15% commission on the total sale. Commission will be payed via PayPal 30 days after the order is placed.
  3. We will track your sales in the app You will also have a login to the app which grants you access to a personalized dashboard where you can track your code's performance.
  4. By being a part of our program, we may repost your image on our social feed, or add your cocktail to our recipe database. You will always be given full credit along with a tag, mention, and backlink to your website, Instagram, TikTok, or whichever is the most relevant platform for you.
  5. By participating in the program, you agree to our terms and conditions found here:

For any questions please email

Thanks again for using our syrups, and keep up the great work!