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Cocktail Gift Pack - The Tiki

The Tiki gift pack is for those looking to escape to the tropics! Included are our three most tiki-ready syrups that burst with island flavor. Freshly sliced pineapple, roasted almond and tangy passion fruit are three of the iconic tiki flavors you get in this pack. Mai Tais, Jungle Birds and Hurricanes are all on the menu! Packaged in a hand-stamped box with die-cut padding, this gift pack will arrive to your door in handsome display. 

This gift pack makes over 40 cocktails
  • Pineapple Gum Syrup - Our Pineapple Gum Syrup is a traditional cocktail ingredient used to impart a tropical and creamy sweetness to drinks. We make this as a rich 2:1 syrup with fresh pineapple juice as its base, and add gum arabic to give the syrup a high viscosity and unique silkiness. Made without heating the juice, the syrup's aroma and flavor is bright, acidic pineapple and clean cane sugar. Try it first in the classic Pisco Punch, and next with your favorite rum, tequila or mezcal.
  • Almond Orgeat Syrup - Orgeat is a must have for any cocktail fan! Liber & Co. orgeat begins with organic almonds that are blanched and roasted to bring out their toasted nut flavors. After grinding the roasted almonds into a perfectly smooth butter, we blend in cane sugar, orange blossom water and a touch of bitter almond oil for a distinct marzipan note. This is complex orgeat whose full almond character makes it indespendible at any well-stocked bar. The iconic orgeat cocktail is theMai Tai.
  • Tropical Passion Fruit Syrup - Yellow passion fruit from Peru is pressed and blended with pure cane sugar in this essential tiki syrup. The natural punch of tart passion fruit shines through, and we add a touch of gum arabic for body and viscosity. Our Tropical Passion Fruit Syrup is a natural complement to rum, but it's also highly versatile with other spirits. Try it in a boozyHurricane or the gin-based Saturn.