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Cocktail Gift Pack - The Artisan

The Artisan gift pack is perfect for the cocktail lover who wants to go beyond the classics. Included are our 3 most adventurous syrups - these will take your drinks where they haven't gone before. Pisco Punches, Shrub Swizzles and the best Gin & Tonic you've ever had are just a few of the cocktails possible with these 3 syrups. Packaged in a hand-stamped box with die-cut padding, this gift pack will arrive to your door in handsome display. 

This gift pack makes over 40 cocktails
  • Pineapple Gum Syrup - Our Pineapple Gum Syrup is a traditional cocktail ingredient used to impart a tropical and creamy sweetness to drinks. We make this as a rich 2:1 syrup with fresh pineapple juice as its base, and add gum arabic to give the syrup a high viscosity and unique silkiness. Made without heating the juice, the syrup's aroma and flavor is bright, acidic pineapple and clean cane sugar. Try it first in the classic Pisco Punch, and next with your favorite rum, tequila or mezcal.
  • Spiced Tonic Syrup - Our Spiced Tonic Syrup isn’t subtle – we elevate the traditional flavor profile of tonic with fresh botanicals and cracked spices to make it far bolder than typical tonic waters. Real cinchona tree bark from Latin America provides an authentic quinine bite, an exotic blend of South Asian herbs and spices pays homage to tonic’s roots in colonial India, and organic agave nectar balances the flavor for a mildly sweet finish. We brew our Spiced Tonic Syrup as an uncarbonated concentrate. This allows it to extend well beyond G & Ts as a general cocktail mixer that provides remarkable depth of flavor.
  • Texas Grapefruit Shrub - Like all good Texas boys, we grew up eating Rio Star grapefruits. Brilliantly red and very sweet, The Rio Star is a variety unique to South Texas. We wanted to highlight our home state’s iconic citrus by creating a Texas Grapefruit Shrub.
    Shrubs are antiquated methods of fruit preservation that offer lively combinations of intense fruit essence and tart acidity. In drinks they work much like citrus by providing a tart and slightly sweet component. For our shrubs, we use a cold-press technique to maintain the bright, zesty flavors that are damaged by heat-based extractions.
    For this product, we combine Rio Star grapefruits, coconut vinegar, cane sugar and a hint of allspice. The shrub is sweet and tart, with the zesty grapefruit flavor backed by the subtle allspice note.