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Toasted Coconut Syrup

  • A coconut syrup for all seasons and all spirits!

    We knew this needed to excel in summery tropical cocktails, but we also wanted a coconut syrup with expanded utility and a unique flavor profile.

    Our secret to achieving both? Our base of custom toasted coconut meat.

    The medium toast level lends a light nuttiness and a deeper flavor not found in plain coconut - which helps it pair spectacularly with barrel-aged spirits. The combination of toasted coconut, cane sugar, cold-pressed lemon oil and a pinch of salt makes this syrup's luscious flavor distinctly delicious.

    NOTE: Your Toasted Coconut Syrup bottle may arrive with the coconut fat hardened at the top of the bottle. This is totally normal and a natural property of coconut fat. You can warm the bottle in hot water and then shake to combine. For more information, see our video.


- Harvesting coconuts requires precision -

On the Luzon Island of the Philippines, farmers use a long hooked stick to cut down bunches of ripe coconut while leaving the immature ones to continue growing. These Laguna Tall variety of coconut are certified organic and fair trade.

- Featured Ingredients -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Actually quite good

The grenadine brought a new life to our Mexican Firing Squad, and a fresh fruity flavor to a rum punch. Already halfway done with a large bottle; need to order more!

James S.
A regular syrup in my cocktail rotation

The Toasted Coconut syrup is rich and improves many tiki drinks. I love the Liber recipe for the Painkiller, so whenever I find the Pusser's Gunpowder Navy Rum I buy several bottles. Remember that you will need to warm the bottle in hot water and then shake to combine since the syrup will clump when refrigerated.

Luis G.
Toasted coconut

The syrup has become my wife’s favorite for cocktails. Only downside is the separating of the coconut solids. Liber was quick to respond on this and since has made the situation better.

Shawn B.
Big disappointment!

First I would like to say that the upper third of the 17 oz bottle is completely solidified. No matter how much I shake it. I ended up putting the entire bottle in a bowl of warm water to try and liquify it. After about 30 minutes, the solids started to become liquid.   I then shaked it very good and still there were many solids. This is what happens when you try to mix lots of water with coconut fats. This mixture is nothing but 90% sugar water with coconut oil/fats. The directions say to refrigerate after opening. After making an average cocktail with this, I put it in the refrigerator and now the entire bottle is a solid block! 

J B.
It tasted unique

It was a unique twist on a coconut flavor. The two cocktails i used it in were not my favorite, but I do think it has a place on my shelf for other tropical/tiki drinks.