All Muddled Up: Smashes

Always started by muddling fruit or herbs, smashes are full of fragrance and nuanced flavor. Easy to drink and long lasting, thanks to being served over crushed ice, it's the cocktail that keeps on giving. Smashes are easily customizable and a great venue for your home bar adventures. 

Añejo Smash

Añejo Smash cocktail on barA sort of margarita - mojito hybrid, this refreshing cocktail is a delicious use of aged tequila. We love this drink for parties or happy hours, as it pairs just as well as food as it does with people. Recipe for Añejo Smash.

Peruvian Smash



Peruvian smash cocktail on outdoor barMuddling lemon wedges instead of adding lemon juices incorporates the lemon's oils, lending delicate notes that balance grapey pisco and orgeat's toasted almond flavor. Recipe for Peruvian Smash. 

Gin Basil Smash

Gin Basil Smash cocktail on outdoor bar with bar tools and bottlesFresh basil shines in this simple cocktail and perfectly complements gin's botanicals. A splendid end-of-summer drink. Recipe for Gin Basil Smash.