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April Showers Bring Cocktail Flowers

by Chris Harrison 1 min read

When you're ready to step up your garnish game, consider using flowers or other foliage. Adding color and vibrancy, a living garnish brings a drink presentation to the next level. Always make sure that what you use is edible or at least non-toxic to people. We've found that the best place to shop is your local flower store or farmer's market. 

Edible Flowers

Risk PoolWe love how a delicate, edible flower makes any drink instantly elegant and pretty. Match your flower to your cocktail by using a blossom that is in a spirit or liqueur. Like how we used violets to garnish the Risk Pool featuring Creme de Violette. 


Tom CollinsHerbs not only add color, but can beautifully complement a cocktail's aromatics. Use them to invigorate a more simple cocktail, like how we used lavender in a Tom Collins

Make it Tropical

Lost Lake CocktailWhen it comes to tiki, the bigger, the more outlandish - the better. Experiment with tropical foliage and pineapple parts (or whole, tiny pineapples!) to create the kitschy drink of your dreams. Recipe for the Lost Lake Cocktail

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