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Bitters Based Cocktails

by Chris Harrison 1 min read

Bitters Based Cocktails

Bitters are an essential cocktail ingredient, lending a depth of flavor to drinks with just a few drops. But bitters are usually around 35% alcohol, usually to act as a preservative, and are almost the same strength as a spirit or liqueur. These three cocktails use a substantial amount of bitters, as a base spirit, rather than just a flavor additive. As you might expect, these drinks are full flavored and bitter - but definitely worth a try.

Trinidad Sour

Trinidad Sour cocktail close upCreated by NYC bartender, Giuseppe Gonzalez, this sour was one of the first to use bitters as a base spirit. Rich and spicy, the bitterness is balanced by a healthy dose of Almond Orgeat Syrup. Recipe for Trinidad Sour.

Saz Saz Gabor

Saz Saz Gabor cocktail on outdoor tableInspired by the classic Sazerac, this Liber original uses Peychaud's Bitters to create a surprisingly bright and tasty cocktail. Recipe for Saz Saz Gabor.

The Dutchman

The Dutchman cocktail A riff on a cocktail from Theo Lieberman of Lantern's Keep and Milk and Honey in NYC, this drink also uses a hefty amount of Angostura Bitters. Fruit and spice notes are balanced by the richness of Almond Orgeat Syrup in this delicious tiki sour. Recipe for The Dutchman

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