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Cocktails for Your Holiday Table

by Chris Harrison 1 min read

Thanksgiving is just around the corner - the holiday hosting season has begun! Here are our picks for cocktails that will complement rich winter feasts.


Chilcano This drink originated in Peru in the 1800s when Italian immigrants substituted the local liquor, pisco, for grappa in the Buongiorno cocktail. The grapey pisco mule is a great precursor for those that prefer wine with dinner. Recipe for the Chilcano

New York Sour

New York Sour cocktailA float of dry red wine completely changes the classic whiskey sour, lending it a fruity, decadent taste. A delicious and beautiful cocktail that will complement traditional thanksgiving flavors. Recipe for the New York Sour.

BBT Cocktail

Fall's version of the G&T. This is a great sipping cocktail for your bourbon-loving guests. The spices in both the bitters and tonic will help cut through a rich, buttery meal. Recipe for the BBT

Jack Rose

Jack Rose CocktailA perfect autumn cocktail! Our Real Grenadine pairs delightfully with applejack - this drink is sure to please any palate. Recipe for the Jack Rose


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