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Drinks that go Bump in the Night

by Chris Harrison 1 min read

This Halloween, indulge in cocktails inspired by legendary cryptids!


Kraken Cocktail on spooky tabletopInspired by the mythical creature of American folklore and ingenious taxidermists, this cocktail's ingredients harken back to the Old West. Try it with a wheated bourbon and all three dashes of bitters, and you'll feel like you're sitting around a campfire. Recipe for Jackalope.


Kraken cocktail on spooky tabletopCure your scurvy with this zesty cocktail from the deep! Squid ink keeps the aquatic theme alive and creates a near black cocktail - perfect for a spooky night - but feel free to enjoy the cocktail without it. Recipe for Kraken.


Yeti cocktail on spooky tabletopA wintery tiki cocktail fit for the fabled great ape of the Himalayan mountains. For added flavor, try experimenting with different types of teas. Recipe for Yeti.

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