Fall Flavor Favorites

Fall has almost officially arrived and we are shifting our cocktails from summer's sweet, fruity palate to autumn's earthier, spicy one. These three flavor combinations are our top picks for your homebar this season.

Pineapple and Chartreuse

Flowering Fields Cocktail with plant backgroundWe can't get enough of the combination of Pineapple Gum Syrup and chartreuse (especially green chartreuse). The mix of fruity and herbal is the perfect gateway from summer into fall. Try it in Flowering Fields or Death is Not the End.

Pomegranate and Apple

Apple is the quintessential fruit of autumn. The tart, juicy pomegranate flavor of our Real Grenadine Syrup is a perfect partner for apple brandy. Use the classic Jack Rose cocktail as inspiration for experimenting in your homebar. 

Orgeat and Baking Spice

Baking spice has become synonymous with autumn. We especially love how it pairs with rich, toasted nut flavor of Almond Orgeat Syrup. Use nutmeg and cinnamon as a garnish, or use spiced liqueurs to add flavor throughout the drink. Try our original cocktails All Fall Down and Dublin Heights