Fresh Berry Cocktails

The official start of spring is just a few days away and we're craving garden fresh fruit and herbs. This month, we've got our eye on fresh berries and our two favorite ways to use them in cocktails - muddling and as a garnish.

Muddling berries, or any fruit, is a great way to incorporate a full, fresh flavor that can get lost in specialty liqueurs. Be sure to still use some syrup, as fresh berries will bring tartness as well as sweetness. We recommend straining with both a hawthorne and a fine mesh strainer, so your drinks still go down smooth. 

Blackberry Whiskey Smash

Blackberry Whiskey SmashFruit-forward without being too sweet, this is a perfect spring and early summer drink. Recipe for Blackberry Whiskey Smash.

Clover Club

Clover Club CocktailA sort of fruitier, more ethereal Pink Lady, this pre-Prohibition cocktail uses fresh raspberries for both a beautiful taste and color. Recipe for Clover Club.


Garnishing a drink with berries will lend it some beautiful, sweet aromatics - instantly brightening your cocktail. Our favorite drink with a fresh berry garnish? The Sherry Cobbler. 

Sherry Cobbler

Sherry Cobbler CocktailA simple, refreshing drink that was once the most popular cocktail in America. We like to use a drier sherry that will really shine through. Recipe for a Sherry Cobbler.