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Syrup Spotlight: Real Grenadine

by Chris Harrison 1 min read

In recent years, grenadine has come to be a vaguely cherry flavored, sweet-tart syrup that's been injected with artificial colors and flavors. But grenadine is actually a classic cocktail syrup that ought to be in any well-stocked bar. It first gained popularity in the 1850s and began appearing in cocktail recipe books as early as the 1890s. Just like the term grenade, the name comes from the French word for pomegranate, which was the base for the delightful syrup. 

Bartender making grenadine cocktail on indoor barLike figs, the pomegranate has a long history that has often been intertwined with myth. It was called the “fruit of the dead” in ancient Greece and some think that it could be the unnamed forbidden fruit from the Bible. Pomegranates are originally from the near east and have been cultivated by humans since the 5th millennium BCE. They’ve been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and even among luxury goods from sunken ships off of Turkey. Now grown and used all over the world, pomegranates still carry an aura of vitality, sumptuousness, and hospitality. 

Real Grenadine being makeWe wanted to return grenadine to its former glory, so we sought out vibrant juice from a third generation family farm in California. Our Real Grenadine Syrup is 65% pure, cold-processed pomegranate juice for an unrivaled flavor and rich, deep red color. Cane sugar balances the fruit’s natural acidity and orange blossom water gives the syrup an elegant, floral aroma.

Try a classic cocktail like the Jack Rose, the way it’s supposed to taste. Or go for an updated drink like the Mezcal Sunrise. We’ve even got a Shirley Temple recipe that your grown-up taste buds will love.

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