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Syrup Spotlight: Sugarcane Kola Syrup

by Chris Harrison 2 min read

Homebar with makings of Cuba Libre cocktail

Colas are made all over the world and are usually caffeinated sodas with vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus flavors. But our Sugarcane Kola Syrup is spelled with a ‘k’ for a reason - we use the original ingredient, the kola nut. The kola nut was a main source of caffeine in the recipe that John Pemberton developed in 1886 that eventually became Coca-Cola. The kola nut is native to West Africa and is chewed or brewed for its stimulating effects, which are due to caffeine and theobromine. Kola nuts are an important component of spiritual and religious cultures in West Africa and were even used as a form of currency by groups in Mali and Senegal.



flowers of the kola plant




We designed our kola recipe specifically for cocktails. Kola nut has both a bitterness and an earthy sweetness that dominates our kola. To round out the flavor, we added vanilla for sweetness, chinotto orange for a peppery, citrus hit, lime for brightness, cinnamon for spice, and roasted coffee for caramel and chocolate notes. We sweeten our kola with sugarcane for an even and pure sweetness. But take note that our syrup does not contain any caffeine. This syrup is chock full of flavor and pairs brilliantly with rums and whiskeys







Top it with club soda and give your Rum and Coke a glow up with the Cuba Librecocktail. Or use it as a base syrup for a super flavorful stirred cocktail, like the Spanish Rumor. We also love using this unique syrup to reimagine classics. Get experimental with your best whiskies and rums and try it in the Kola Old Fashioned. Or flip the script on the favorite tequila cocktail and make the Margarita Negra.

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