Tiki the Snow Away

Get through the dregs of winter with the glimmer of summery cocktails and rum. These cold weather ready tiki drinks are full of warming spices and are each a great avenue for your favorite, quality rum. 

Jamaican Old Fashioned

Jamaican Old Fashioned cocktail on interior barA melding of nutmeg-filled Jamaican punches and a classic Old Fashioned, this cocktail is just waiting for you to sip it by a fire and pretend you're on the beach. It makes a great after-dinner cocktail. Recipe for Jamaican Old Fashioned

O.F.T.D Swizzle

O.F.T.D. Swizzle cocktail on interior bar with bottles in backgroundFrom the famous Chicago bar, Lost Lake, comes this simple tiki cocktail that lets a quality dark rum shine. The original recipe calls for an overproof rum, which adds a nice punch to the drink, but it works just as well with any dark rum. Recipe for O.F.T.D. Swizzle.

Spiced Mai Tai

Spiced Mai Tai on interior barA winter-ready version of the tiki classic. This drink has just the hint of spice thanks to the addition of Falernum and cinnamon garnish. Recipe for Spiced Mai Tai.