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Millionaire Cocktail

The Millionaire Cocktail hails from the prohibition era. There are numerous variations of this cocktail, but we love this version with bourbon and lemon juice. It's rich, with just the right amount of sweetness, and has a wonderful velvety texture. Photographed here by fellow Texan, Ebby Kurian (Instagram: @ebbydranks). Cheers! 🌵


  • ½ oz Real Grenadine
  • 2 oz bourbon
  • ¾ oz orange liqueur
  • ½ oz lemon juice
  • ¼ oz pastis or absinthe
  • ½ oz egg white


  • Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and dry shake for 20 seconds
  • Add ice and shake hard for 20 seconds
  • Strain into chilled coupe glass


  • coupe


  • none


Ebby Kurian @ebbydranks