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Sirop tonique premium

  • Il s'agit d'un tonique rafraîchissant au goût audacieux, composé d'ingrédients de qualité supérieure, notamment de la quinine naturelle, des agrumes piquants et du sucre de canne pur. Nous avons conçu le profil aromatique pour compléter parfaitement les gins secs haut de gamme. En tant que concentré non gazeux, complétez simplement ce sirop avec du club soda pour une eau tonique supérieure. Ensuite, allez au-delà du G&T en utilisant le sirop tonique dans des cocktails inédits.


au pied du volcan Tajumulco au Guatemala

Customer Reviews

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Diane S.

I first tried the Premium Tonic Syrup at a friend house. My cocktail of choice is ALWAYS gin & tonic and this tonic syrup just upped the game. I am so happy with my purchase. Surprise bonus is I even enjoy it without any gin , so it is making a dry January really easy.

My go to tonic syrup

Used several products but always come back to the balance and flavors of Liber's tonic syrup. Tastes great, can't mess up the mix, so much better than a can.

Brian M.
Good, but not as good other syrups

I enjoyed this syrup but it I'm not 100% sure how to use it. It can make a G&T more tonic-y. I haven't given up but not finding as many uses as other great Liber products.

Trina J.
Tasty Tonic

I made some gin and tonics with the tonic syrup and sparkling water. It had a distinct flavor which I liked but was a little different than buying tonic water in the store. Perhaps I should try club soda which might make the taste a little closer to store bought. For now I have to explain to guests who drink it that it is an artisanal gin and tonic. Not a bad thing! Just slightly different. Thanks!


I’ve been trying to find a way to cut the sugar in my cocktails and tried several sugar free tonics, but all use fake sweeteners which caused migraines and intestinal issues. I decided to try syrups so I could control the amount of sugar in each drink by diluting with soda water. In researching tonic syrups, I found a few brands including Liber & Co. The other ones I tried had a strange aftertaste and/or were not local small businesses. Liber & Co. is a small American business based in the South, and their tonic syrup is smooth and free of chemical and/or after tastes. It’s now my go-to tonic, and their other syrups are amazing!