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About Liber

We craft a suite of essential bar syrups to help you enjoy a world of better drinks



In 2011 we began our journey by visiting some of the best cocktail bars in New York, D.C., and Austin. At each stop, we enjoyed delicious drinks, struck up conversations with bartenders, and tried products we’d never heard of. 

We began learning the ingredients that are crucial to making great cocktails. We already knew that premium spirits were key, but what we discovered was that fresh juice and house-made syrups were the unsung heroes in top-quality cocktails.


A new type of syrup brand

At home, we tried to recreate those great drinks to share with friends and family, but finding decent cocktail syrups proved impossible – they simply didn’t exist. Retail shelves were lined with syrups and mixers that contained artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup, ingredients that none of the craft bars were using in their syrups.

So we set out to develop a brand of syrups that matched the quality found in the world’s top bars.

A global search for ingredients


Matching the quality of the world’s top bars starts with our obsession over raw ingredients. The quality of our products depends directly on what goes in them, so sourcing the best ingredients possible is paramount.

From world-renowned Texas grapefruit orchards to a sustainable Peruvian ginger cooperative, we seek out the best suppliers and foster great relationships with them.


Bringing it all home

Sourcing ingredients is only one side of the coin—crafting them into world-class bar syrups is equally important. Since there are no how-to books for making craft cocktail syrups at scale, we scavenged ideas from breweries, wineries and chocolatiers, tested them, and created our own blueprint. 

The result is our custom processing facility in Austin, Texas that lets us turn real ingredients into the best-tasting and most authentic syrups possible.


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