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Timeless: The Sherry Cobbler

by Brent Support 1 min read

At this point, self-preservation measures are required. If you're out and about, proceed with caution and a refreshing beverage.

For the latter, the timeless sherry cobbler is a fine bet. It's a truly classic option during the kind of blistering temperatures that August habitually brings. The drink has a rich American history and was in fact heralded as the most popular cocktail during the middle of the 19th century. It's been frequently overlooked since then, but we're welcoming it back for the simple reason that it's delicious, easy and refreshingly low in alcohol.

Classically shaken with sugar, fruit and of course sherry, the sherry cobbler is simple drink that requires nothing more than ice, a shaker tin and a glass.

A good fino or Amontillado sherry, with a dry and nutty character, is the perfect base for the cobbler. Tio Pepe is a our fino recommendation given its ubiquity, ~$20 price, and excellent flavor.

Classic Sherry Cobbler:

• 3 - 4 oz. sherry
• .25 - .50 oz. simple syrup
• orange wheels/slices

Shake all with ice and pour unstrained into a tall glass.

We've found ourselves recently enjoying a slight riff using our Texas Grapefruit Shrub:

• 3 - 4 oz. sherry
• .5 - 1 oz. Texas Grapefruit Shrub
• dash maraschino liqueur (optional)

Shake all with ice and pour unstrained into a tall glass. Garnish with two grapefruit wheels and a maraschino cherry.
Perfect by the pool.
* The above bottle is just for photography purposes! Like any other fortified wine, store your sherries in the fridge after opening.

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