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Derby Day 2013

by Brent Support 1 min read

With a setting like Springdale Farm, 2013's Derby Day celebration was a guaranteed success.

That's not entirely true, but the picture above details the flawless scenery of Austin's renowned urban farm nonetheless. The reality is that David Alan put in a ton of work to make the 5th annual Derby Day a stellar event. Hats off to him. In no particular order, things learned that day include:

  • Batch the booze. Opening a tap is the most convenient and least error-prone pour.
  • Wear pastel. When else would you wear your absurd teal pants?
  • Pace yourself. That's 3 oz. of whiskey and this event goes all day.
  • Watch the actual Derby. A necessary 2 minute activity. With festivities in full swing, you're naturally ready to cheer wildly for something in which you have little stake.
  • Don't forget the food.

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