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Easy Brandy Punch Recipes for Gameday

by Brent Support 2 min read

This is the time of year that we all look forward to the most. Football season is just around the corner, and calendars have already been marked for the biggest games on our respective teams’ schedules. If we have any chance at staying sane during the inevitable last-minute drives that will decide the games, there will definitely need to be cocktails at our football watch parties. 

Batching a punch is a great way to quench the thirst of a large group, and the time it takes to serve drinks won’t take you away from the TV for too long. Brandy makes for a wonderful punch base because it plays well with a wide variety of ingredients, and has a warm flavor that can stand up to chilly fall nights. You can pick it up at any liquor store, and there is a brandy available for every budget.

Below are three great, easy punch recipes that are bound to be big hits.  These are based on tried and true combinations that will class up your party, while allowing everyone to keep their eyes glued where they should be: on the game.

Pisco Punch 

What to know: The Pisco Punch is a turn-of-the-century classic from San Francisco. Pisco is a Peruvian brandy that is gaining popularity in the States. It is exotic enough to impress, and accessible enough to satisfy rum, tequila, and vodka drinkers. 

Serves: ~25 x 5 oz. cocktails

Serve over ice. Enjoy.

Citrus, Brandy and Pineapple Punch

What to know:  Brandy has always been a favorite base spirit in punches. Perhaps better than any other spirit, brandy captures the powerful complexity of whiskey with the elegance and delicacy of a wine. Plus it pairs really well with pineapple.

Serves: ~25 x 5 oz. cocktails

  • 2 x 750 mL bottles of brandy
  • 13 oz. lime juice
  • 13 oz. Pineapple Gum Syrup
  • 40 oz. club soda or sparkling water
Serve over ice. Drink up.

Batched Jack Rose Cocktail

What to know: The Jack Rose is a house favorite here at Liber & Co. The apple brandy and grenadine combination results in a wonderful Fall cocktail that is both easy to make and very unique. Because it requires only three ingredients, it is also easy to batch to scale for your next party. 

Serves: ~25 5 oz. drinks

  • 2 x 750mL bottles apple brandy (recommended: Laird's)
  • 17 oz. lime juice
  • 13 oz. Real Grenadine
  • 50 oz. water

*The classic Jack Rose cocktail is shaken with ice. For this punch, we recommend serving it over ice.

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