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Syrup Spotlight: Caramelized Fig Syrup

by Chris Harrison 2 min read

Liber & Co Caramelized Fig Syrup being used on indoor bar
Figs are weirdly amazing. Enjoyed both fresh and cooked, this delicious fruit is actually an inverted flower! Like any flower it needs to be pollinated, but since the flower is not open to the world, a specialized wasp has evolved for the task. The wasp is hoping for a male fig, but if it accidentally burrows into the female fig (the edible variety), the fig will use enzymes to break down the wasp and turn it into protein. This is truly bizarre and maybe a little gross, but rest assured that modern cultivated figs self-pollinate so Liber & Co's Caramelized Fig Syrup is not made with bits of real wasp, so you know it's good!

The fig tree is one of the first plants cultivated by humans. Native to the Middle East and parts of Asia, the hardy plant has spread across lands and cultures. Buddha reached enlightenment under a fig tree, while Adam and Eve used fig leaves to hide their loss of innocence. And in Greek mythology, figs dangled just out of reach to punish King Tantalus. Intertwined with human culture for thousands of years, figs carry a culinary nostalgia - whether for a fabled flavor, or just your favorite childhood cookie.

Fresh figs have a subtle sweetness with berry, nut, and perfume notes. But for our syrup, we wanted something richer in flavor and sugar content. We chose two types of figs for the most well-rounded taste: the jammy Black Mission variety and the Calimyrna variety for delicate sweetness and nuttiness. Both come from the sunny San Joaquin Valley in California. Through a low temperature concentration process, the natural sugars are gently caramelized for a luxurious flavor with hints of spice, honey, and dried fruit. 

Caramelized Fig Sour on indoor barCaramelized Fig Syrup is a perfect complement to barrel aged spirits like rum and whiskey, like in the Fig Manhattan. We also love it for fall and winter cocktails, like the Caramelized Fig Sour. Warm up with nostalgic flavors in the Cure All Toddy mocktail - which would also taste delicious with a splash of rum or cognac.

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