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The 5 Best Cocktails for Valentine's Day 2021

by Alex Milan 3 min read

If the pandemic has you staying in this year for Valentine’s Day, don't worry, we can help you craft a restaurant quality cocktail to serve right at home. Here are the 5 best cocktails that you can make at your home bar for Valentine’s Day 2021.



First up is the Old Fashioned Romance. Much like the cocktail it’s based off, it’s a simple, yet delicious drink. Easy enough to whip up if you’re also juggling cooking dinner for two!

Old Fashioned Romance



    • Add all ingredients in a rocks glass 
    • Add 1-3 large pieces of ice and stir for 20 seconds 
    •  Garnish with chocolate shavings 


    Next up is the Clover Club, a classic from the prohibition era. If you want to instill a little nostalgia this Valentine’s Day, this is the cocktail to make. The finished drink is a beautiful red. Served in a coupe, some might even describe it as sexy. 



    • Add ingredients to a shaker tin and shake to break up the egg white
    • Add ice and shake until chilled
    • Double strain into a coupe
    • Garnish with raspberries

    ❸ Dos Besitos

    It would be crazy not to add the Dos Besitos to this list. Spanish for Two Kisses this drink was created by the master bartender Sother Teague while he was at Death and Co. The Dos Besitos utilizes two styles of tequila for a more complex pineapple and grenadine sour. This cocktail probably wasn’t intended to be for Valentine’s Day, but given the name and the two tequilas, there is something romantic about it!


    • ¼ oz Real Grenadine
    • 1 oz blanco tequila
    • 1 oz reposado tequila
    • ¾ oz pineapple juice
    • ½ oz lime juice
    • ¼ oz agave syrup


    • Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker
    • Add ice and shake hard for 20 seconds
    • Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
    • Garnish with pineapple wedge

    ❹ Suburbon

    If you’re interested in an after dinner cocktail, the Suburbon is a delicious choice. It has cream, egg white, and bourbon in it along with Fiery Ginger Syrup to spice things up. It’s a gorgeous drink, and sure to be a real pleaser for your special someone.


    • ½ oz Fiery Ginger Syrup
    • 2 oz bourbon
    • ¼ oz amaro
    • ¾ oz lemon juice
    • 1 oz heavy cream
    • 2 dashes aromatic bitters
    • ½ oz egg white
    • 2 oz club soda 


    • Add all ingredients except club soda to a cocktail shaker without ice
    • Dry shake for 10 seconds, then add ice and reshake for 20 seconds
    • Add club soda to a highball, then strain the cocktail into the highball

    ❺ Penicillin

    The first ever antibiotic, Penicillin saved millions of lives. As many of us anxiously await a vaccine for the Rona, perhaps a nod to the scientific medical advances in the last 100 years is in order!


    • ½ oz Fiery Ginger Syrup
    • ¾ oz lemon juice
    • 1 ½ oz blended scotch whisky
    • ¼ oz honey syrup
    • barspoon single malt scotch whisky


    • Add all but single malt to a cocktail shaker
    • Add ice and shake for 10 seconds
    • Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice
    • Float single malt on finished drink
    • Garnish with candied ginger 

    We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Valentine's Day! Cheers to you and yours!

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