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Cocktail Guide - Steve the Bartender

Explore the realm of timeless favorites and forgotten classics in this all-encompassing guide by Steve the Bartender, YouTube's beloved Australian bartender. Discover the simplicity and flair of crafting cocktails with ease, guided by approachable and unpretentious instructions that guarantee each drink to be both straightforward and delicious.

What you'll find in this guide:

  • Guidance on setting up a home bar, complete with essential spirits, mixing equipment, and glassware.
  • A curated collection of 125 drink recipes for every occasion, from a sophisticated Manhattan to a refreshing Mai Tai, all accompanied by beautiful photographs. 
  • Integrated QR codes for each recipe linking directly to videos of Steve demonstrating the preparation of each drink.

Steven Roennfeldt is a seasoned cocktail enthusiast known to millions of fans as Steve the Bartender. Since 2017, he has been captivating cocktail enthusiasts worldwide with his engaging YouTube videos, sharing simple and delightful cocktail recipes that are a breeze to follow. With an impressive repertoire of over 600 videos, Steve has cultivated a passionate community of cocktail lovers. When he's not shaking cocktails, you'll find Steve at home, cherishing precious moments with his wife, Kat, and their son, Noah. Steve and his family live in Adelaide, Australia.