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Cruella's Cure

An original by Suzy (@spiritedshaker) made for our "Cruella" cocktail competition. The Cruella's Cure is based on the new Disney film where Cruella de Vil is a misunderstood fashion designer with a tragic past. In this film we see her more clearly now, even if we can't forgive her.

Accordingly, this margarita starts coal black and then becomes lighter and clearer as it progresses.



  • Add the orange liqueur, Passionfruit Syrup, and charcoal to a shaker tin and shake for 10 seconds
  • Add to a collins glass followed by clear ice spear
  • Stir tequila and mezcal together and then slowly pour over the back of a spoon into the glass
  • Top with 2 scoops of seas salt air foam
  • Stir before drinking


  • collins glass


  • sea salt air foam


Suzy (@spiritedshaker)