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Aphrodisiac Cocktails

by Brent Support 1 min read

Love is in the air and just might be in your glass. With classic aphrodisiac ingredients, these cocktails set the mood for romance or at least a delicious drink.

Love Potion

Love Potion CocktailSaffron is one of the primary herbs in Strega, an Italian liqueur. It has been used as an aphrodisiac across cultures for centuries and has recently been shown to help out some amorous mice in scientific experiments. This herbal liqueur and a hint of Fiery Ginger Syrup, transform sparkling wine in this surprisingly light cocktail. Recipe for Love Potion.


Matchmaker CocktailThe fig might be the actual forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden that we usually associate with apples, as its leaves were said to be Adam & Eve's first clothing. The lore of the fig is sensual across cultures. Absinthe brings out fig's floral notes and is balanced by a spicy rye in this delightful, heady drink. Recipe for Matchmaker.

Old Fashioned Romance 

Old Fashioned Romance cocktailThe pomegranate is another fruit rumored to be the forbidden fruit, but its true claim to romantic fame comes from the myth of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, who planted the first pomegranate tree. It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without chocolate and the addition of chocolate bitters to this Old Fashioned variation, makes it a perfect after-dinner drink. Recipe for Old Fashioned Romance.

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