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Decadent Drinks

by Chris Harrison 1 min read

The dead of winter is the perfect time for a rich, creamy cocktail. Two of these recipes contain dairy, but feel free to substitute your favorite plant-based milk for a delicious vegan cocktail. 

Colorado Bulldog

Colorado Bulldog cocktail on outdoor tableEven The Dude would love this White Russian inspired cocktail. Sugarcane Kola Syrup adds an extra dimension of flavor and pairs perfectly with coffee liqueur. Topping with soda water keeps the drink from being too heavy. Recipe for Colorado Bulldog. 

Fig Nog

Fig Nog cocktail on indoor table in front of Christmas treeCaramelized Fig Syrup and classic eggnog are match made in holiday heaven. It'll be a hit at your party this year! Recipe for Fig Nog.

Cuyá Colada

Cuyá Colada frozen cocktail on outdoor tableTiki-fy your holidays! This lighter take on a Piña Colada is dairy free and uses coconut milk. Switch out your umbrella for a santa hat and you'll barely notice the cold winter outside. Recipe for Cuyá Colada.


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