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Mocktails for Dryuary

by Brent Support 1 min read

New year, new mocktails! Whether you're going all in for Dryuary or just want to recover from the decadence of the holidays, non-alcoholic cocktails can be just as delicious and varied as their boozy counterparts. We've created three great options for you to try.


Miraflores mocktail on home barRefreshing and delightful, this non-alcoholic quencher makes a great substitute for a brunch cocktail. The bitter notes of Premium Tonic Syrup  balance the fruity flavors of citrus and Tropical Passionfruit SyrupRecipe for Miraflores.

Pineapple Basil Limeade

Pineapple Basil Limeade drink on tableA sweet-tart treat, this effervescent mocktail is sure to please. Muddled basil brings a savory, herbal note. Swap it out for your usual happy hour drink. Recipe for Pineapple Basil Limeade.

Cure All Toddy

Cure All Toddy on tableSpicy and sweet, this hot mocktail will get you through a cold night. It's a great nightcap that will send you to bed warm and cozy.  Recipe for Cure All Toddy.

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