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Top 5 Holiday Cocktails for 2018

by Chris Harrison 2 min read

We hope y'all are capping off 2018 by spending quality time with friends and family. If there's one thing we can offer to enrich your Holiday experience, it's a handful of brilliant seasonal cocktails! For research purposes, we hosted and attended quite a few Holiday parties this year, and after much deliberation we've settled on 2018's Official Top 5 Holiday Cocktails:

Fig Old Fashioned

Fig Old FashionedUsing our new Caramelized Fig Syrup is a delicious way to reform the classic Old Fashioned. The fig's dark fruit and subtle spice is a great addition to a big round bourbon - we recommend one with a wheat heavy mash bill like W.L. Weller. Recipe for the Fig Old Fashioned.

Ginger Apple Cider Cocktail

Ginger Apple Cider CocktailBourbon and apple is one of our favorite seasonal flavor pairings. Our Fiery Ginger Syrup adds a bit of spice and complexity to this easy drinking cocktail. With 4 oz of non-alcoholic apple cider, this cocktail is a on the larger side, which means a lower ABV and something you can really savor. Recipe for Ginger Apple Cider Cocktail.

All Fall Down

All Fall Down CocktailBaking spice has become synonymous with the Holidays. We especially love how the spices pair with the rich, toasted nut flavors of Almond Orgeat Syrup. Mixing with St. George's Spiced Pear Liqueur and freshly grated nutmeg as a garnish really puts the All Fall Down cocktail on another level! Recipe for All Fall Down.

Pomegranate Mulled Wine

Pomegranate Mulled Wine CocktailMulled wine is a supreme crowd-pleaser, and the use of our Real Grenadine instead of plain sugar adds a fruity layer of flavor to the classic warm winter drink. We tailored our recipe for one bottle of red wine, serving 4-6, but it can easily be scaled up or down depending on your group's size. Recipe for Pomegranate Mulled Wine.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee CocktailFirst conceived by an Irish chef to warm weary winter travelers, the Irish Coffee is classic for a reason. Use a quality coffee, and carefully layer the whipped cream so that it stays afloat! For added depth, use our Demerara Gum Syrup. Recipe for Irish Coffee.


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