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Summer Entertaining

by Brent Support 1 min read

Summer Entertaining

Planning a cookout for an upcoming holiday weekend or summer afternoon? These three drinks are our picks for refreshing, bright cocktails that are ideal for some fun in the sun.

Tropical Sangria

Pineapple, vanilla, and dark rum play off the base of a crisp, sauvignon blanc, to make a unique and refreshing tiki-fied sangria. This recipe is for a single cocktail, using 2 oz of wine. If you plan on making it for a crowd and want to make use a standard sized bottle, multiply the rest of the ingredients by 12.5 and add in about 25 oz of water to dilute the punch without a cocktail shaker. Recipe for Tropical Sangria.

Grand Siam


This cocktail is an herbal delight that pairs well with any food from the grill. Thai basil and gin are balanced by the tangy sweetness of Texas grapefruit. Recipe for Grand Siam.

Blood & Honey

Pink drink! This bright cocktail has both fruity and floral notes. This crowd pleaser begs for poolside or a hot, weekend afternoon. Recipe for Blood & Honey.


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