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Syrup Spotlight: Pineapple Gum Syrup

by Chris Harrison 1 min read

Is there another fruit more ubiquitous than the pineapple? At once a symbol of hospitality, colonialism, and whimsy, this delicious fruit is a mainstay of tiki culture. Though often most associated with Hawaii, the pineapple is native to South America and was not farmed in Hawaii until the late 1800s. As the pineapple industry (and its advertising) proliferated in Hawaii, it became ingrained in both island and tiki culture.

When crafting our Pineapple Gum Syrup, we knew we wanted to capture the signature sweetness and tang of this delicious fruit. Our syrup is made up of 60% golden pineapple juice for a classic, fresh fruit flavor. Cane sugar and gum arabic give the syrup a rich texture and makes it a superior cocktail ingredient. To substitute it for fresh pineapple juice, lower the volume to about ½ oz or ¾ oz of syrup per 1 oz of fresh juice.

A natural pairing to rum, Pineapple Gum syrup also makes a delightful accompaniment to agave spirits and aged whiskeys. Try it in the classic tiki cocktail, the Jungle Bird. Use pineapple's lightness to balance a smokey mezcal in one of our favorites, When One Piña Met the Other. Or make a classic cocktail that's outside of the tiki realm, the Pisco Punch

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