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Syrup Spotlight: Blood Orange Cordial

by Brent Support 1 min read

blood orangesNamed for its vibrant red flesh, blood orange has a unique taste that's more intense than typical oranges. This makes it a great ingredient in drinks! Blood oranges are actually a natural mutation of the sweet orange and are documented in Sicily as early as the 1600s. A mainstay of Italian cuisine, they were introduced to America in the 1930s and have been increasingly popular, thanks to its lower acidity and refreshing, bittersweet bite. 

This was our first cordial, a type of syrup that delivers the flavor of the whole fruit - not just that of the fruit's juice. So, we sought out the boldest blood orange flavor and decided on the Moro variety from California. It has a rich, tangy-sweet flavor with notes of raspberry. It’s also rich in anthocyanins that give the juice - and your cocktails - a deep garnet hue. For that full fruit flavor, we marry the fresh juice with cold-pressed peel oils and natural acids. A hint of cane sugar and gum arabic makes it ideal for mixing. 

blood orange cordial on barOur Blood Orange Cordial's rich flavor shines in cocktails with lighter spirits like vodka in the Blood and Honey. It also makes a fantastic complement to aged spirits and herbaceous liquors. Try it in the Rhyme or Reason or celebrate the last days of summer with the frozen cocktail, Sicily on Ice.

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