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Mocktail Recipes for Summer 2022

by William Gray 5 min read

It’s no surprise to anyone that this summer has been HOT! As the heat bears down on us day after day, sometimes we just need a purely refreshing, hydrating drink, but don’t want to skip out on the fun of the cocktail-making experience. 

So, we’ve put together a list of options for you—all of them based around classic, time-tested flavor combinations– and all of them non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholic cocktails are a wonderful alternative to spirited beverages when you’re not in the mood for booze, but still want something delicious and inventive. They’ve also grown in popularity a lot recently!

Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite non-alcoholic cocktails to try at home to beat the heat. 

NON-aLC Pina Colada

The Piña Colada is a delicious tropical drink that comes from Puerto Rico. It’s typically made with rum, but its signature flavor comes from the combination of pineapple and coconut. The Piña Colada can be prepared in a shaker or a blender–either way, it’s perfect for sipping next to the pool. Our non-alcoholic take on the Piña Colada will bring the beach right to you!

Old Fashioned Romance



    • Add all ingredients to a blender
    • Add ice and blend on high for 20 seconds or until smooth and creamy
    • Pour into a tall glass and garnish with a slice of pineapple, a maraschino cherry, or even a pineapple leaf

    NON-ALC paloma

    The Paloma is a simple cocktail–oftentimes, it consists of just tequila and Squirt grapefruit soda. Many bartenders choose to elevate the beverage by using fresh grapefruit juice, but either way, it’s a refreshing drink that’s perfect for hot weather. In our non-alcoholic Paloma recipe, we’re using a grapefruit cordial for its signature bright and balanced fresh grapefruit flavor, and replacing the tequila with agave nectar. This one is sure to please!



    • Add all ingredients, except club soda, to a tall glass
    • Add ice and stir to fully incorporate agave into the cocktail
    • While stirring, slowly top with soda water 
    • Garnish with a grapefruit wedge

    NON-ALC French 75

    The French 75 sparks debate among cocktailers–nobody is quite sure where exactly it came from. What we do know is that it’s typically made with either gin or cognac, plus lemon and sugar, and topped with sparkling wine. For our non-alcoholic French 75 recipe, we’ve added blood orange for an extra citrus kick, and added tonic water to replace some of the bitterness lost with the gin. The result is deliciously complex– and guilt free!



    • Add all ingredients, except the tonic water, to a shaker
    • Add ice and shake for 10 seconds
    • Double strain into a coupe or champagne glass and top with tonic water
    • Garnish with a lemon peel or orange peel

    *Please note–bitters typically contain a small amount of alcohol, so use them at your own discretion. They will help to enhance the complex flavor of the drink, but are not necessary.

    NON-ALC Pineapple mojito

    The Mojito is a cocktail that likely originated in Cuba, possibly as far back as the 16th century. While the mojito is typically made with rum, arguably the most important ingredient is fresh mint, which gives the drink its signature taste and fragrance. We’ve opted for an extra-tropical take on this classic with the addition of pineapple. It’s so good, you won’t even notice all the rum’s gone!



    • Add all ingredients, except club soda, to a shaker
    • Gently muddle the mint to release its oils
    • Add ice and shake for 10 seconds
    • Strain into a highball with ice and top with club soda
    • Garnish with a sprig of mint

    Basil orgeat lemonade

    We love this recipe from Anders Erickson that features the additions of orgeat and basil into the classic summer beverage. Orgeat gives the drink a creamy texture and a nutty taste, and basil rounds it all off with fresh herbaceousness. We think the result is as uniquely delicious as just about any cocktail!



    • Add all ingredients, except club soda, to a shaker
    • Add ice and shake for 10 seconds
    • Strain into a highball with ice
    • Top with club soda and stir to incorporate
    • Garnish with basil

    NON-ALC espesso martini

    The Espresso Martini is perhaps the quintessential nightcap–smooth, rich, and lightly sweet, it cleanses your palate after a long night of festivities, and gives you enough of an energy boost to make it home. For our non-alcoholic espresso martini, we combined the smoothness of cold brew coffee with rich, tangy espresso for a delightful indulgence that will help you keep the party going, without the ABV.



    • Add all ingredients to a shaker
    • Add ice and shake for 10 seconds
    • Strain into a coupe and garnish with coffee beans

    NON-ALC clover club

    For this cocktail, we took inspiration from’s clover club recipe. The clover club is a classic gin cocktail that’s zippy, fruity, and creamy, and is just as good minus the gin. Pro-tip: use tonic water instead of soda water for a touch of added gin-like complexity!



    • Add all ingredients, except club soda, to a shaker
    • Without adding ice, close the shaker and dry shake for 10 seconds
    • Add a scoop of ice and shake for 5 more seconds
    • Double strain into a coupe and add club soda
    • Garnish with raspberries or orange wheel

    NON-ALC hurricane

    The Hurricane is a classic New Orleans cocktail that features passionfruit and plenty of rum. It was made famous at Pat O’Briens, a popular New Orleans spot that still attracts visitors to this day. In our non-alcoholic hurricane recipe, we’ll be using passionfruit syrup, as well as grenade to achieve a fruity, tropical flavor.



    • Add all ingredients, except club soda, to a shaker
    • Add ice and shake for 10 seconds
    • Pour into hurricane glass and top with club soda
    • Garnish with maraschino cherry or orange wheel

    If you make these cocktails, tag us on Instagram @liberandco.

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