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New Release: Pacific Strawberry Syrup

  • We start with sun-ripened strawberry from America's West Coast to unlock the purest and highest quality strawberry flavor and aroma possible. We blend the pressed strawberry juice with cane sugar to create a vibrant and lush syrup with the perfect amount of tartness.

    Strawberry's versatility makes it a great addition to countless cocktails. We recommend starting with classics like the Daiquiri or Margarita.


Strawberries From The West Coast

Iconic Flavor

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Pacific Strawberry Helps my Rum Sing

I have a hard time getting my hands on Fassionola, but the pacific strawberry has done a great job of fulfilling my Hurricane needs.

Ryan P.
Delicious fresh syrups

The strawberry syrup is super fresh and makes great accent to margaritas or a touch for a gin Rickey. We even use it for strawberry-lemon drops.

Mark P.
Another good flavor

This syrup has a pretty good, natural strawberry flavor. I just wish it had a little more tartness. I like it in the Dunderstruck from the recipes page.

Laura A.
More “strawberry” than most!

After trying various strawberry cocktail syrups, I can attest that Liber & CO’s is the one that is closest to a real strawberry flavor. It is not the uber-sweet cloying syrup most are. That said - it is fairly sweet and I am working finding other flavors to balance it out a bit (maybe lime??). Overall - love everything from Liber I’ve tried!!!

Fresh from the field strawberry flavor

I can't imagine a more perfect strawberry syrup. The flavor is fresh with no "cooked" or "stewed" notes. Makes an absolutely phenomenal strawberry daiquiri.