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Premium Tonic Syrup

  • This is a refreshing, boldly flavored tonic made with superior ingredients including natural quinine, zesty citrus and pure cane sugar. We crafted the flavor profile to perfectly complement premium dry gins. As an uncarbonated concentrate, simply top this syrup with club soda for a superior tonic water. Next, go beyond the G & T by using the tonic syrup in novel cocktails.


at the foot of Guatemala's Volcán Tajumulco

Customer Reviews

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Trina J.
Tasty Tonic

I made some gin and tonics with the tonic syrup and sparkling water. It had a distinct flavor which I liked but was a little different than buying tonic water in the store. Perhaps I should try club soda which might make the taste a little closer to store bought. For now I have to explain to guests who drink it that it is an artisanal gin and tonic. Not a bad thing! Just slightly different. Thanks!


I’ve been trying to find a way to cut the sugar in my cocktails and tried several sugar free tonics, but all use fake sweeteners which caused migraines and intestinal issues. I decided to try syrups so I could control the amount of sugar in each drink by diluting with soda water. In researching tonic syrups, I found a few brands including Liber & Co. The other ones I tried had a strange aftertaste and/or were not local small businesses. Liber & Co. is a small American business based in the South, and their tonic syrup is smooth and free of chemical and/or after tastes. It’s now my go-to tonic, and their other syrups are amazing!

Love Liber & Co

Love all of my Liber & Co syrups and I'm excited to give this one a try!


It’s good and already gone. I will get several of the larger bottles next time.

Patrick B.
Great option for those less-sweet drinks!

I've been looking for ways to make my wife mocktails while she's pregnant and she always favored cocktails of the not-so-sweet variety, her favorite being a dry martini. Most mocktails use a good amount of syrup to work in flavor, so it's been a challenge to find something she likes and this tonic syrup really does the trick! It's the first time she's really lit up when I made Liber's Non-Alc Miraflores (also got the passionfruit syrup which is great), so I'm very happy with this.