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Seasonal: Lemon Lavender Cordial

  • Back by popular demand, this seasonal citrus cordial offers a truly timeless flavor combination with expansive versatility.

    What makes this cordial special? We start with lemons that are grown and harvested under the gentle California sun before being cold-processed for maximum vibrancy. We then add French lavender, which we selected for its elegant and subtly sweet aromatic profile. The result is a citrus cordial that is incredibly balanced and offers fantastic cocktail and culinary utility. We think you'll especially love it as an extraordinary addition to your favorite gin or vodka cocktails, along with an endless variety of teas and desserts.

Lemons Grown Under the California Sun

Lavender From the French Countryside

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
William P.
New and Unusual - Worth Trying

Adds a real different dimension to lemon based cocktails. The hint of lavender made a lemon drop into a very new and unusual style drink. I would highly recommend trying and experimenting.

Alternate Uses

I don’t drink cocktails at all - but love your syrups in hot water and hot tea and cold drinks or just in cold water over ice with a bit of fresh lemon. The lemon lavender seems like it will also be useful particularly in summer baking- has a nice mild flavor. overalll.

Jenn B.
Delicious Lemon Addition to the Lineup

Such a treat and definitely a syrup we’ve been missing. Try the version of the Aperol spritz that includes it!

A Must for Summer Cocktails

I use this syrup for an upgrade on my gin/vodka soda, also the Lavender Buzz is a crowd pleaser. It is even good as a hot drink with vodka and simple syrup to taste.

Jennifer L.
Lemon Lavender is a keeper!

After missing buying the Lemon Lavender--twice!!--due to it selling out in previous years, I finally secured a bottle. It did not disappoint. I found the flavor to be pleasant--citrusy, not too floral, just enough to know it was lavender inside.

I will say though, I gave it a four star instead of five because I feel that the cordial works best when it's not competing with too many strong ingredients. For example, when I made the Hill Country Highball, I found that not only did the lavender get lost against the elderflower liqueur and mint, but the lemon flavor wasn't unique; I could have just as easily used lemon juice in that recipe. I think it worked better in the Lemon Lavender Gimlet or the Lemon Lavender Buzz. The cordial shines in a simple, three ingredient, gin-based drink. Probably goes well with vodka as well, although I didn't try it that way. Still, it's a keeper!