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Limited Edition: Lemon Lavender Cordial

  • Here by popular demand, this limited edition citrus cordial offers a truly timeless flavor combination with expansive versatility.

    What makes this cordial special? We start with lemons that are grown and harvested under the gentle California sun before being cold-processed for maximum vibrancy. We then add French lavender, which we selected for its elegant and subtly sweet aromatic profile. The result is a citrus cordial that is incredibly balanced and offers fantastic cocktail and culinary utility. We think you'll especially love it as an extraordinary addition to your favorite gin or vodka cocktails, along with an endless variety of teas and desserts.

Lemons Grown Under the California Sun

Lavender From the French Countryside

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
John Carlson
Lemon lavender

What can I say , liber and co syrups are the best and lemon lavender didn't disappoint. So far the lemon and lavender cosmo is great, I ordered a couple and should ordered more. Do yourself a favor and get some while you can

Happiness in a bottle😊

Flavorful and lives up to the liber & co brand.

Jason Blawas
Drink recipes

I feel like they don't let the product shine.

Had the Bob Collins and felt like the cordial was drowned out by the tea and bourbon. I'll try it again with 1oz instead of the 3/4 to see if they helps.
Also tried the gimlet but felt like the lime overpowered the cordial there again and i even used 1oz instead of the 3/4 it called for. Next time, while a gimlet is traditionally lime based ill probably drop it all together. Make it a modified lemon drop maybe even though that calls for vodka.

Dave H
Really nice change of pace

Smells and tastes really good. Not too “flowery.” So far I have just made the violet crown and it’s a great drink.

Amanda Taylor
Cocktail upgrade!

Our cocktails have never been better! I really like the recipes on the website.