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Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

  • We combined our rich and silky Classic Gum Syrup with the perfect measure of aromatic bitters and cold-pressed orange oil to make this Old Fashioned Syrup.

    The result is a one-step solution for a perfectly-balanced, bar-quality Old Fashioned every time. Simply add 1/4 oz of the Old Fashioned syrup to your glass along with ice and 2 oz of your favorite whiskey, and stir.

    You can enjoy up to 38 Old Fashioneds from a single 9.5 oz bottle, making it great for hosting get-togethers, or as a gift for the cocktail fan in your life. You can also use this syrup to shake up a delicious whiskey sour, or any cocktail that calls for simple syrup and aromatic bitters.


What makes this Old Fashioned syrup the best?

Premium ingredients, including the world's most recognized bitters!

The Old Fashioned Look Book

Pro tip: substitute whiskey for gin, tequila or rum to take your Old Fashioned in a new direction. Photos by Scott K.

Good for more than just an Old Fashioned!

If a cocktail recipe calls for simple syrup and aromatic bitters, this syrup will work perfectly to replace both. Expect it to also lend a lovely aroma of sweet orange!

Ready to explore new cocktails?

These essential syrups open a world of possibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Classic Old Fashioned

For years I've premade 'Old Fashioneds for a crowd' - look it up, it works. But it's not as good as Liber. I grabbed my first bottle of Liber because it looked interesting, why not try it out? I'm done with 'for a crowd' as there's no way it stands up to Liber's. If you're thinking about it just do it, you won't regret it.

Cheryl Falk

This syrup is a super easy way to make a great old fashioned!

Margaret Dimmick
Old Fashioned Bliss!

Absolutely delicious Old Fashioned syrup. Makes a perfect refreshment for end of day, and we look forward to trying out the other syrups we got from Liber.

Wilson Santiago
Pleasant surprise

The Old fashion cocktail syrup provide a nice clean finish to the old fashion. I've tried it with sever other light liquors with simlar results -NICE!

Jody Lorick
Old fashion syrup

Great flavor and quick.