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Texas Grapefruit Shrub

  • Our Texas Grapefruit Shrub is a lively combination of Rio Red Texas grapefruit, cane sugar and champagne vinegar. The shrub is mildly sweet, but its hallmark is the champagne vinegar’s punchy and unique acidity. The strong and zesty grapefruit flavor is backed by a subtle allspice note.


What's a shrub?

We find the best that California's central valley offers:

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
James W.
Great stuff

Love this concoction. Makes interesting and easy cocktail(s). Actually, I've enjoyed a variety of the syrups from Liber&Co and I have not been disappointed. Love the concept of the company, how it was founded and its products. I keep my cabinet stocked with their products and give them as gifts.

Michael M.
Great flavor

What you would expect in a shrub. Recipes delicious.

Robin B.
Not my thing

I found the Texas shrub relatively tasty, but nothing compared to the deliciousness of the other products I got at the same time. It has a very two-note flavor: the floral grapefruit, and the acidic, almost harsh vinegar (even when diluted!) In comparison, the grapefruit cordial has several layers of flowers, herbs, fruit, and spice, that evolve on the palate. This shrub isn't my thing, but it could be yours!

Jenn B.
Make the Rio Swizzle!

Love the grapefruit shrub! Lots of versatility with this syrup.

john s.
Makes a wonderful cocktail

I purchased the Texas Grapefruit shrub to make the Spring Dream cocktail and it's spectacular. This will be my go to cocktail for the summer. Well done Liber & Co.