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Texas Grapefruit Shrub

  • Our Texas Grapefruit Shrub is a lively combination of Rio Red Texas grapefruit, cane sugar and champagne vinegar. The shrub is mildly sweet, but its hallmark is the champagne vinegar’s punchy and unique acidity. The strong and zesty grapefruit flavor is backed by a subtle allspice note.


What's a shrub?

We find the best that California's central valley offers:

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Ryan Flaherty
Great tools to make classic cocktails

Liber & Co. makes classic and versatile syrups that take the headache out of classic ingredients without being overly sweet or other pitfalls one might find in big box versions (read Rose's Grenadine). Not spending an hour making Orgeat or Grenadine with real pomegranate, or Raspberry syrup is such a huge help. And it lasts more than the 1 week you'd get out of a home-made ingredient. I can't recommend them enough

Akhil Rathod
great taste ; good quality

Ships in bubble wrap;

Tart & Bright - pairs great with vodka or gin

I’m still trying it out in a few recipes but, I can already tell this gives a unique twist to your typical gin or vodka summer cocktails. There is a faint vinegar scent but (to me) it’s only there if you’re looking for it… i mean, it IS a shrub.

Andy Van Slaars
excellent & convenient

I make a lot of my own cocktail syrups, but sometimes you just can't beat having something convenient on hand and these syrups are top notch. Great stuff!

Jonathan M

Excellent product!