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Toasted Coconut Syrup

  • A coconut syrup for all seasons and all spirits!

    We knew this needed to excel in summery tropical cocktails, but we also wanted a coconut syrup with expanded utility and a unique flavor profile.

    Our secret to achieving both? Our base of custom toasted coconut meat.

    The medium toast level lends a light nuttiness and a deeper flavor not found in plain coconut - which helps it pair spectacularly with barrel-aged spirits. The combination of toasted coconut, cane sugar, cold-pressed lemon oil and a pinch of salt makes this syrup's luscious flavor distinctly delicious.


- Harvesting coconuts requires precision -

On the Luzon Island of the Philippines, farmers use a long hooked stick to cut down bunches of ripe coconut while leaving the immature ones to continue growing. These Laguna Tall variety of coconut are certified organic and fair trade.

- Featured Ingredients -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
J Kunstman
Toasted coconut

Totally amazing! Though be warned, your desire for tropical cocktails will never be stronger.


Loving the Toasted Coconut Syrup...such a treat!

Robert Marlatt
Colada magic

Great syrup. Perfect for coladas and creating new libations with various rums.

Richard Milan
An extremely good coconut!

The Liber & Co. Toasted Coconut Syrup hits the mark. Much better than I anticipated. The Piña Colada’s are excellent and I’m excited to try other concoctions with it. Your guests will not be disappointed with the Colada’s made with this syrup!

Hank H
Fantastic coconut syrup for tiki cocktails!

The Toasted Coconut Syrup has been the perfect addition to my cocktail bar. The subtle coconut taste has been great in daiquiris and is an outstanding substitute for coconut milk in Pina Colada cocktails. I highly recommend adding this syrup to your inventory!