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Toasted Coconut Syrup

  • A coconut syrup for all seasons and all spirits!

    We knew this needed to excel in summery tropical cocktails, but we also wanted a coconut syrup with expanded utility and a unique flavor profile.

    Our secret to achieving both? Our base of custom toasted coconut meat.

    The medium toast level lends a light nuttiness and a deeper flavor not found in plain coconut - which helps it pair spectacularly with barrel-aged spirits. The combination of toasted coconut, cane sugar, cold-pressed lemon oil and a pinch of salt makes this syrup's luscious flavor distinctly delicious.

    WINTER PSAWith winter in full swing, don't forget that the natural fats in your Toasted Coconut Syrup will begin to solidify below 78 degrees. You can heat your bottle in warm water and then shake to reincorporate all that natural coconut goodness! 


- Harvesting coconuts requires precision -

On the Luzon Island of the Philippines, farmers use a long hooked stick to cut down bunches of ripe coconut while leaving the immature ones to continue growing. These Laguna Tall variety of coconut are certified organic and fair trade.

- Featured Ingredients -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Brigid Goranson
Liber & Co should not put their name on this bottle!

I love Liber & Co products. I couldn't imagine my bar without them. I have no clue how this product is rated 5 stars. The taste is far from toasted coconut. I thought my bottles tasted rancid (although I am sure they were not). Also the product comes separated. About the only way you can get it to come together is to warm it. I like to serve my cocktails cold. It doesn't even deserve 1 star.
I bought 2 bottles and they went into the trash.

Joan Kelley
Awesome product

Coki beach is one of the best cocktails ever. This is light years away from the other goto coconut product. If you try it you will never go back to the Lopez.

John Scott

I'm getting in to thoseTiki cocktails and this is just what the the doctor ordered for that perfect Pina Colada.

Susan Hagy Humphrey
Toasted coconut

I love all the syrups. Toasted coconut is not my absolute favorite, but it is delicious with rum. Plus, as an addition to coconut cake or cookies. My favorite is fiery ginger with lemon and gin, followed by Orgeat syrup with lime & gin or vodka

Ed S
Great tiki ingredient!

Excellent in the Tradewinds Cocktail