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Sirop d'orgeat d'amande

  • Il s'agit d'un orgeat complexe dont le caractère plein d'amande confère aux cocktails une saveur et un arôme divins.

    Nous commençons par des amandes entières blanchies et torréfiées pour faire ressortir de profondes saveurs de noix grillées. Egalement dans le mélange : du sucre de canne, de la fleur d'oranger et une touche d'huile d'amande amère pour une note de pâte d'amande bien marquée. Utilisez cet orgeat pour secouer un Mai Tai de classe mondiale !



Customer Reviews

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John S.
So important to have the right Orgeat in your Mai Tai

We have been using Liber Orgeat in our Mai Tai cocktails since we first found it at Total Wine in Austin. We have moved away to the Pacific Northwest and could not find it here so ordered it direct. It has arrived and we look forward to having our Mai Tai this afternoon!


Liber has the best and only Orgeat that should be used in cocktails. We have tried others, some less priced, but no comparison.

Janet D.
Almond orgeat syrup

Delicious! The perfect Mai Tai.

Peter E.
The boost I needed for my mai tais!

Went to a local tiki bar and was wondering why their mai tais taste so much better than my own, even though I’m using the recipe I "borrowed" from the Halekulani House without a Key more than 30 years ago. I did some research and discovered that my missing secret ingredient was a HIGH quality orgeat syrup (the tiki bar makes their own). I did some more research and found that Liber & Co offers the best orgeat you can buy without making your own. Bought a bottle to do a test and it’s indeed the best I’ve ever tried — my mai tais immediately went from sad to super! Thank you Liber & Co!

Mike S.
Almond Orgeat Syrup

Orgeat is a must if you enjoy Rum and the many Tiki style drinks that call for it like the Mai Tai What I didn’t know is how well it goes with other spirits like Gin: Saturn and Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. And Tequila: Deadman’s Handle and Chingón. No home bar should be without Orgeat and there is none finer than Liber & Co.