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Sirop de gomme d'ananas

  • Un délice tropical ! Notre sirop de gomme d'ananas est prêt à propulser vos cocktails tiki vers de nouveaux sommets. Ici, nous laissons vraiment parler les fruits frais : 60 % du sirop est constitué de jus d'ananas mûrs et pressés à froid. La gomme arabique entièrement naturelle confère au sirop une richesse et une viscosité uniques.



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Shawn B.
Pineapple Gum - the elusive secret ingredient

I took a friend to dinner at a fancy restaurant and they got a cocktail the restaurant called "Rubino". They enjoyed it so much they asked for the recipe. This is quite different from any Rubino cocktails on an internet search:
1.25 oz. vodka
.5 oz Aperol
.25 oz St. Germain
.25 oz pineapple gum (or gomme)
.5 oz fresh grapefruit juice
.25 oz fresh lemon juice
Shake vigorously with lots of ice, double strain

I bought the pineapple gum here as part of a gift basket for my friend so they could make this delicious cocktail at home. And I bought a bottle for myself as well.

Jon L.
Pineapple syrup

I spent the weekend making drinks with the pineapple syrup. I went through the whole bottle along with 20 limes. The syrup makes bar quality daiquiris and other drinks. This will be part of my bar permanently going forward. I will also try many other drinks with it. It mostly means I don't need pineapple juice on hand as well.

A C.
Elevating the Bar

The Pineapple is the perfect addition to the bar for the summer.

Deputy P.
The Return of Nasty Canasta

I disagree with the writer who said "Some drinks just take funny".
There's nothing funny about the Nasty Canasta, no sirree -- 2 parts Cobra venom, 1 part kerosene (alternate: turpentine), 1/2 part Amaro, and, of course, Liber & Co.'s awesome Pineapple Gum Syrup (to taste).
I like a lot of pineapple and skip the agave syrup, thank you very much. Instead, Liber & Co. Pineapple Syrup handles the sweetening position very well -- it is less flammable and it makes a great pineapple soda, too!
Another thing I like about gum syrup in general is the foam after a long hard shake with ice -- looks like it would make a beautiful whiskey sour and, really, who puts canned bean juice in their drink because they won't eat egg whites? Seriously? I didn't think vegans even drink alcohol ... (weirdos)
Back to the Nasty Canasta: you may have a hard time finding the recipe unless you are lucky (like me). Just don't try the recipe in the Sheriff Daffy cartoons although using a welder's mask and tongs to get it to the customer is advisable.
Here's mud in yer eye!